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Kip Kulich

A key driver in CrossFit is to constantly attack your weaknesses

In the beginning of 2016 I knew that I had some serious problems (weaknesses) with flexibility – mostly brought on by over a decade of sitting behind a desk or at a boardroom table. I knew that if I was going to continue to push my personal training to the next level I was going to have to attack those weaknesses. Fortunately a good friend of mine turned me onto RomWod. Every day I am delivered a daily workout that at its essence is Yin Yoga for athletes. Since starting a regular practice of 10-15 minutes every day or every other day I’ve seen vast improvements to my range of motion through CrossFit’s foundational movements. If you are struggling in the areas of flexibility, mobility, or the ease in which you move I simply cannot recommend RomWod enough for its ability to help you attack those weaknesses!

Renaissance Periodization

Renaissance Periodization
Kelly Kulich

Nutrition templates that work

For some people one to one coaching might not be in the budget, we understand. You can still reach your physique and performance goals with helpful tools like RP nutrition. There are several templates or even an app to choose from. These programs have worked for countless members and can work for you too! Use our code to receive whatever discount RP is currently offering: CFFORTMIAMI

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