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The most helpful person we know...

October Member of the Month Scott Ross!

Scott exemplifies daily what it means to be a core member of our community . He always has a positive attitude, he jumps in and helps even without asking, and he has stayed focus on making his health a priority since he started. He has had numerous strength and weight loss accomplishments but what we all love most about Scott is that he's really a very kind person. He has never asked for help with anything, yet he gives so freely of his time and talents. Scott has offered to help with anything from installing doors to cheering on new members at boot camp. He truly wants to see others succeed and he will help however we need him. I am truly honored to have Scott at our gym. I hope his story will help others find hope and remember that everyone starts just have to start!

Tell us a little about your journey at Fort Miami CrossFit.

My journey to FMCF has been long and a very bumpy road. I work as a Mechanic and over the years endured multiple slipped discs, 2 back surgeries, and getting my neck fused. The pressure I placed on myself to work through the pain to take care of my family led me to become addicted to pain medicine and alcohol. I was drinking up to a 12 pack and taking about 15 Vicodin daily. My family life was falling apart. I finally realized I needed help and checked myself into a Detox Center. I've been sober and clean for over 6 years now.

Two years ago my wife Heather stumbled across an ad for World's Best Boot Camp at FMCF. She loved it so much that I decided I would give it a try. Two boot camps later I joined CrossFit. I credit my wife for kicking me in the butt to get better, instead of kicking me out the door. I've never been one to share my story with others, but I feel it's important for others to know they can get better.

What do you hope to achieve in the next year?

What I would like to achieve in the next year would be to get better at meal prepping and to feel confident enough to workout with my shirt off.

If you could choose any workout to do for the rest of your life, what would it include?

My favorite WOD would include Clean and Jerks, Squat snatches, and handstand holds.

What is a day like outside of the walls of FMCF?

What do you love about coming to class?

What I love about coming to class is the whole experience. I love the workouts and the feeling of being sore after.

What's your favorite workout song?

Favorite song- Open your eyes by Guano Apes or anything from Godsmack

PS- I don't mean to have resting bitch face, I'm just really really tired.


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