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September Members of the Month Sara McComish & Matt Connolly

The forever CF couple

What a better month to have a special couple featured as our September Members of the Month. September is the month that Sara and Matt will tie the knot and get married! Sara and Matt have been with the FMCF family for almost a year now and have made a great impression already. Through CrossFit, Sara has been able to improve her strength and has become an even stronger runner, and Matt even got his first ever bar muscle up recently. They grew up in Toledo, OH and moved to St. Joseph almost 3 years ago. They absolutely adore their furry sidekick George and the family and community that they have encountered at FMCF. We thank them for being part of our family and congratulate them as our September Members of the Month. Happy Wedding! :)

1. What do you do for a living? 

S: I work as an orthopedic sports physical therapist for Spectrum Health Lakeland. I love working with Athletes!

M: I work at Green Earth Electronics Recycling. We work with businesses and communities to help keep their technology out of the landfill. 

2. What do you do for fun, other than CF?

S: I love running, hanging out with Matt and George, and going to the beach. I also enjoy anything that revolves around good food!

M: Running, cycling, and as many beach days as possible. 

3. Why did you choose FMCF?

S: I got involved with FMCF because of our friend’s Heidi and Jose. I stayed because of the awesome coaching and amazing community. As a PT, technique and safety are important to me. I was so impressed with the coaching and how the coaches didn’t let anyone get away with bad movements or form (including me!).

M: Our great friends, Heidi and Jose, were members and they highly recommended FMCF and they couldn’t have been more right. 

4. What is your favorite CrossFit workout/movement?

S: Cleans, back squats, and handstand push-ups!

M: Any Olympic lifts 

5. Who inspires you?

S: Any of the ladies at FMCF who have mastered pull ups and/or muscle ups!

M: I don’t care if it’s cheesy, but Sara! 

6. Favorite cheat meal?

S: Unhealthy amounts of sushi and Sammy’s Arepas.

M: Pizza 

7. What keeps you coming back to Fort Miami?

S: The ability to get my butt kicked at 5:30 AM, the coaches, and the community.

M: Great coaches, great people, and my 5:30am crew! 

8. Anything else you want to add?

S: I have never worked out with a more kind, motivated, inspiring group of humans. This place is such a cool thing to be a part of! Xoxo

M: Ditto 


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