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September Athlete of the Month...Jim Burritt

Why we think Jim is awesome!

Jim has been with us less than a year but we have noticed such an improvement in him we had to share his story with you! Like most of us Jim is a busy dad with limited time to get to the gym, yet he has been committed and jumped right into CrossFit after boot camp. Things may not have been easy at first but now he's already doing pull-ups, using less modifications, and gaining overall strength. He's also very friendly and fun to have in class. There isn't a workout where he doesn't give his all and his progress shows. Thanks for being our athlete of the month!

Having a family and a full time job, how do you find time out of your week to consistently come to CrossFit?

I had to make a commitment that coming to Fort Miami was a top priority for me. It took me a couple weeks to get used to the early morning classes so that it didn't interfere with my family time, but the hour I have invested in CrossFit everyday has easily given me another hour of energy at night that I didn't have before.

How did you discover FMCF and what were your goals when you came into this program?

I had thought about coming for a couple years after hearing success stories from friends. My wife Ashley went through Boot Camp twice before I finally decided to give it a shot. My goal when I first started was to just get moving and find something I could stick with. I had to start somewhere and Boot Camp was the perfect vehicle to start getting fit again.

What is your favorite workout song?

Any 90's rap or dance song where I know at least 10% of the lyrics

Any pre-workout necessities or rituals?

Just getting in a little earlier to spend time stretching and then finishing the class the same way has really helped me have stronger workouts and recover more quickly.

What are some things you love to do outside of FMCF?

I love to find adventures with my family on the weekends. We are always looking for outdoor festivals, new restaurants, taking trips to Chicago; we have so many options within an hour drive or so that we can always find something to do.

Favorite cheat meal?

Olive burger and fries with a slice of lemon meringue pie

Anything else that we should know about you?

Fort Miami has changed my life. Making that jump from Boot Camp to CrossFit was intimidating as I had zero experience with a barbell. Because of the excellent coaching and encouragement of the other members, I have found a new lifestyle and hobby that I am extremely passionate about. I have been comfortable learning this sport from day one and that is a credit to the positive culture that Kip and Kelly have created at Fort Miami.

Thank you Jim, we are lucky to have you


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