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Quiet and Kind...our November Member of the Month will motivate you to go after your goals

Tanya Sobaski

Tanya has been a true inspiration to me and many others. I love that when she has a goal she spends time working on what she wants. Tanya is always offering to help both inside and outside of the gym and is always kind and caring. I love that she has taken the time to take care of herself even with such a crazy hectic schedule. She also is an amazing cook! If you are ever invited to her home I highly recommend taking her up on that offer. I am excited she was willing to share so much of her story and we hope you are motivated to really reach your goals in 2019 just like she has.

Tell us a little about your journey at Fort Miami CrossFit.

I joined Fort Miami CrossFit after being told I couldn't run anymore due to a knee problem about 3 years ago. I wanted to be active and had seen a number of my friends posting about Fort Miami CrossFit on Facebook. Kip and Kelly were fantastic and helped assess my abilities and got me started. I started with the idea of "staying in shape- what I thought that was" and losing weight. However, once I got serious and pushed myself I had to reconstruct what those goals were. Over the past 6-9 months I have been attending 4-5 times a week and getting serious about how I fuel my body.

How has FMCF changed your mentally?

I don't know if I would have made it through my doctoral program, boards, and my new career path without my Fort Miami CrossFit family! CrossFit and my Fort Miami family have been a sanity break from work and going to school fulltime for 2 years, when I made an abrupt career change from nursing and being a nursing instructor to becoming a family nurse practitioner. I appreciated the structure CrossFit offered, the challenges of the WODs, and encouragement of the coaches and other members. During these times, my life felt chaotic and Fort Miami CrossFit was a place where I felt empowered! The coaches have encouraged me to push outside my comfort zone to be a better version of myself. Last winter after competing in the CrossFit Open at Fort Miami, I got serious about my journey to better health. I started attending more often. My focus changed from working out and losing weight to becoming stronger and healthier.

We know you are awesome when it comes to meal prep. What advice do you have for someone looking to step up their meal prep game?

This spring, with Kelly's help, I added nutrition as my focus. Cooking is my love language. I love to cook and the social aspect of sharing a meal (or recipes) with others. Kelly helped me see that food could still be special but be healthy too. Following the RP meal templates, I began to meal prep. I love the challenge of counting my macros and developing meals that are delicious, healthy, and energizing. Meal prep has helped me save money on my food bills, as we eat out less often; I found my shoulders, arms, and abdomen have muscles when my nutrition changed to healthier choices; and I get to eat a lot more food! My cardiologist told me he was "jealous of my cholesterol numbers" ad that they "were some of the best he's seen".

Meal prep doesn't need to be intimating and it is a continual process improvement plan. I make a list of things I would like to eat for the week and change the recipes to be healthier. I plan a list of foods I need and stick to the list-no impulse buys. I then wash and chop veggies, and cook my proteins and carbs. I get a lot of ideas off Pinterest and SkinnyTaste websites. If you change your focus from the traditional "Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner" to "Food as Fuel", you are more likely to expand your horizons and be more successful. I also write out my menus and recipes so when I run out of ideas I can refer back to what was successful and stay on track.

How do you manage work, family life and staying consistent at the gym?

My goal is to get to Fort Miami 5 days a week. I'm not a regular at any one class time. On days I have to be in the office by 8AM, I go to the 5:30 AM class. Depending on the rest of my schedule, I go to whatever class I can 9AM, Noon, 4:30, 5:30, or 6:30. On weekends that we don't travel for hockey, I go to one of the Saturday classes and I try to make open gym on Sundays.

I love the way I feel when I have worked hard and accomplished a challenging workout - but I also love seeing the people! I make time in my schedule to get to CrossFit. I tell others about it, because it helps hold me accountable to doing what I profess. Through consistently coming to classes and having additional coaching from Kelly, Jen, Jordan, and Joe I have gotten stronger than I thought I would ever be, developed muscles I didn't know I had, and dropped that stubborn weight that I just couldn't seem to get rid of.

This summer and fall I competed in the Granite Games and the Festivus Games with fantastic teammates. I feel the comradery that came out of those competitions blossomed friendships that are lasting and served to motivate me to work harder to help my team be successful.

What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?

My goals for this coming year are to take the gymnastics class, join the barbell club, and compete in at least 2 more CrossFit competitions. I also would love to arrange some sort of get together with others to meal prep and maybe swap recipes or meals.

What is your favorite movement?

My dream WOD would consist of wallballs, rowing, and thrusters (sick, I know). Out of all of those I think I like rowing the best. (Editors note: we might not let you help with programming haha!)

I am honored to have been selected as the Fort Miami member of the month, but I really owe credit to the other people at FMCF that make it so much fun! They are my inspiration.


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