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October Member of the Month....Shelley Newman

Stepping out of her comfort zone has lead to great results

We are honored to introduce you to our October Member of the Month, the one and only....Shelley Newman!!

Shelley is kind and very funny (as you will read in her question/answer section). She came to us claiming how "uncoordinated" she was and she didn't want to lift heavy weights and get all bulky. One day this summer I asked her what made her keep coming and she said "it works.". Shelley has actually lost a tremendous amount of body fat and improved her muscle tone since she's been here. She knows how to modify workouts for her level of fitness and always gives 100% to every class. She's learned a lot of new skills and just keeps getting better. She's always quiet, and often hides in the back...so you sometimes have to approach her to learn more. I promise that when you do you will love her sense of humor and personality. 

Thank you Shelley for allowing us to celebrate you,  keep up the great work!

1. What made you first decide to try CrossFit at Fort Miami?

What made me want to try CrossFit was Matt Waters. We were talking  and he told me about the bootcamp class. I signed up in January. I never looked back. 

2. What changes to your health have you made since joining?

The changes I’ve made Pre Covid : I am eating cleaner. More fruits & veggies, and more white meats. No snacking & sweets. 

Covid came, I now have a different story. I’m eating a lot of Dairy Korner ice cream , however, I am maintaining my weight. Dairy Korner closes in October, so I should be able to reach my goal weight by the New Year. 

3. What makes you keep coming back?

The reason I keep coming back is mental. I’m still working remote from home, it’s a great escape. I just feel better after class. Every time.

4. How were you able to stay motivated during the shut down?

I participated in the Zoom classes. I knew I had to attend the class because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t like the way I would be feeling the rest of the day.

5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy going to the beach or pool. Reading a good book. Walking the dog. Spending time with friends & my family, especially my little niece. 

6. What's one thing you would want someone to know that was afraid to try CrossFit?

Don’t be intimidated to join Fort Miami CrossFit gym,  everybody has had their first day, once you walked into the gym you’ve overcome the hardest challenge. 

What I learned in my short time is that CrossFit isn’t just for elite athletes. It’s for ordinary people that want to improve their health & fitness.  It’s just you against yourself. 

Most importantly the people inside are amazing.


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