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November Member of the Month Katie Bauer

Supportive RP Wizard

Katie Bauer is one of our awesome members and attends with her husband Jeff. She also has four beautiful children, Avery (22), Bailey (20), Justin (20), Samantha (17) and the sweetest granddaughter Addison (6 months). Katie not only kills CrossFit, but she also destroyed the RP program this summer. If you see her around the gym, she is probably being super helpful and supportive to everyone around her. Since starting CrossFit she has lost 25 lbs. and probably 20” all together. She’s also gained so much endurance and energy and says her “self-esteem” has been restored. We are so proud and honored to have Katie Bauer in our family and call her our November Member of the Month! 

1. What do you do for a living?

I am Deputy Director of Equalization in Van Buren County and Data Coordinator of Equalization in Berrien County

2. What do you do for fun, other than CF?

Jeff and I enjoy all things outdoors, boating, hiking and skiing when not at CF.

3. Why did you choose FMCF?

I chose Fort Miami because a couple of friends had done the boot camp class and said so many wonderful things about it. I was so tired of just going to the gym and needed something different. Once I started, I knew it was right where I needed to be.

4. What is your favorite CrossFit workout/movement?

I absolutely love back squat days. But I do enjoy almost all of the movements because they each challenge me differently (except burpees, lol)

5. Who inspires you?

every single person at Fort Miami inspires me for so many different reasons. From one persons’ ambitions and experiences to another’s possibilities and personality.

6. Favorite cheat meal?

my favorite cheat meal hmmm.... am I limited to how much I can write? Lol. I would probably say a big juicy cheeseburger with a nice side of super yummy fries, and ice cream of course

7. What keeps you coming back to Fort Miami?

I have some amazing friends because of Fort Miami and I couldn’t imagine doing workouts without the encouragement of them and our awesome coaches.

8. Anything else you want to add?

My whole life has changed because of our family at Fort Miami. The friendships that have been made, the self-esteem that has been restored, and the strength that is progressing (both mentally and physically) are what make me so thankful to be part of this community.


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