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February Member of the Month- Sharon Austin!!!!

She's smart, funny, kind, strong...what's not to love about Sharon?

For this month we chose to celebrate Sharon because she is a perfect representation of what type of members we love to have. She's smart, funny, generous and kind. She pushes herself to the limits and is willing to try any challenge. We've seen huge changes in her physique since she started, Miss Flexible is also Miss Strong these days! As tax time rolls around we will miss you during the day classes but the early morning folks will get their friend back.  She often comes up with fun activities for us to do and is always trying to think of new things we can experience together.  We appreciate your true caring for others and thank you for all you do to help build community at the gym! 

Why did you choose Fort Miami CrossFit?

I chose FMCF because I believe it chose me! Seriously... I was sitting on my couch one snowy night in December and feeling disgustingly fat (for me) and sluggish. I hadn't really worked out in a long time. I was the heaviest I had ever been and didn't really have much motivation to work out... but I wanted something different. I believe Facebook knew that...... So, FMCF Boot camps kept coming across my feed. I had heard of FMCF through Marcie Shindeldecker and Jill McNabney but didn't know much about it. So, I put out on Facebook that if someone would join me, I would do it. Marcia Bednar responded and I joined Boot Camp The rest is history! I fell in love. I love the support, the people, the challenge and the competitiveness. 

What are your favorite CrossFit workouts or movements?

I used to absolutely hate anything with weights and would cherry pick anything with a barbell, until I started to get stronger and not its such a great challenge and essential if you are going to lose weight and gain muscle. I would have to say that my favorite workouts though are ones where there is no rowing... I hate rowing. I love where there is someone in a workout that I can push myself to do the best I can do. I really like pull ups now - because I can do them, box jumps and anything with walking really fast with weights . 

Who inspires you?

 At FMCF, Corie Siik inspires me. She works so hard and is so strong. She pushes herself to be better and get stronger and to do the hard things. I love working out with her because I push myself harder than I ever do on my own because she's counting on me. I love her son, Chase and am so glad that she can bring him with her to CF, but I also see how tired she is sometimes. I always try to help her out while she is there to give her a little break.

Favorite Cheat meal?

I don't really feel like I have a cheat meal... It would just be a collection of crap like: potato chips and dip, dips and bread, every cheese in the world and some seafood

Whats in my gym bag? Haha... you know whats in my gym bag! Pads because I pee anytime I jump, lifters, another pair of shoes, wrist wraps, weight belt, myzone belt (which I forget to wear 1/2 the time), and gum.


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