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A very special Member of the Month for Mother's Day!

Crystal Colp

I'll never forget the day Jacob, Crystal's son and one of our coaches, brought me a check and said his mom wanted to start CrossFit. I was really excited to have Crystal join us, but a little nervous too. She knew so many people and what if she didn't enjoy it here? Lucky for us she loved it here! I grew to know Crystal and gained not only a new member, but also a friend. Crystal has had to overcome a lot of issues with her knees but she's always had a positive outlook and willing to try. I am so proud to say she's not just a member now but my friend. She's kind and welcoming, a very hard worker, and she's up to any challenge we throw her way. We know you will enjoy getting to know her better!

How do you manage work, family life and staying consistent at FMCF?

My husband and I hold each other accountable. We have made working out at FMCF a non-negotiable. It’s a commitment that I do not take lightly! I want to be able to be active as I grow older and I understand that in order to do that I have to work hard now! It’s as much about the future me as it is about here and now me! I guess when I started I was just fitting it in but now it is a natural part of our life just like anything else that we miss when we can’t go.

What are some of the lifestyle changes you have made since starting at FMCF?

I began to make different choices in what I eat, making healthier choices. We eat healthy all week long and on Fridays we cheat. We affectionately call Fridays, Fried Chicken Friday! I also gave up diet soda, making water my drink of choice now!

What is your day like outside of the walls of FMCF?

I would have answered this so differently a few years ago when my boys were home and we ran from work to soccer and school functions. But, this year we have newly embraced the whole empty-nester life with both of our boys off to college so it is very different now. I work as the director of adult discipleship at First Church in St. Joe. I also travel and speak at women’s conferences and other events. I have 2 Bible Studies and a book on women’s ministry I wrote that have been published and a third Bible Study set to be released this fall. So, my days are pretty packed with meetings and ministry. I work in the office Monday through Thursday. I have Fridays and Saturdays off because Sundays are busy with church functions. The nature of my position at church and also being married to a pastor our life encompasses many evening appointments. It can be fairly busy for us on a day to day basis but it is fulfilling for us! I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. I also love spending time with David, my husband. We have been married 27 years. We enjoy hiking with our dogs when we have free time and when it’s warmer! We love to be outside!

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?

It’s funny because I am sure some people have a favorite exercise when asked this question but honestly my favorite part of CF is the community. There is just a different nature to working out with people you know and love! The laughter and joy that comes with a hard workout is life-giving in so many ways. The difference in the way I look and feel is also a fun byproduct! I feel stronger than I have in my whole life!

What do you hope to achieve in the next year?

I want to be able to do a pull-up this time next year and run a 5k.

What's your favorite "cheat" meal?

My favorite cheat meal is probably a really good cheeseburger and fries! The burgers at North Shore Inn are crave-worthy.

Thank you Crystal! We hope you enjoy your gift certificate and parking spot for the month of May!!!


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