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November Member of the Month Katie Bauer

Supportive RP Wizard

Athlete of the Month

November Member of the Month Katie Bauer

Supportive RP Wizard

October Member of the Month Tracy Haynes

Boot Camp Percussionist

September Members of the Month Sara McComish & Matt Connolly

The forever CF couple

August Member of the Month Kevin Jackson

OG Body Movement Wizard

July Member of the Month Katie Woodard

Best Team Player Around

June Member of the Month David Rinfield

5:30am Warrior

May Member of the Month Margaret "Mo" Olinghouse

Badass CrossFit Grandma

April Member of the Month Cody Wigginton

"Wallballs are literally the devil..."

March Member of the Month Nathan Dwyer

He's put in the work and seeing the results!

February Member of the Month- Sharon Austin!!!!

She's smart, funny, kind, strong...what's not to love about Sharon?

Quiet and Kind...our November Member of the Month will motivate you to go after your goals

Tanya Sobaski

The most helpful person we know...

October Member of the Month Scott Ross!

You all love her...or you should!

September Member of the Month Stacie Gallagher!

"It doesn't get any easier the longer you wait."

August Member of the Month...Scott Parish

July Member of the Month

Jill Straub

A special Father's Day member of the month

Scot Schwarting

A very special Member of the Month for Mother's Day!

Crystal Colp

Get to know our April Member of the Month!

Sue Pagel

March Member of the Month

Leo Rodriguez

We are proud of this lady!

Member of the Month Heidi Rydin

Looking for weightloss inspiration?

Meet Sandi Lewis, she's our January Member of the Month

Our December Members of the Month are the most festive people we know...

please meet....Kevin and Kari Butcher

Introducing our November Member of the Month

Matt Sandoval

October Member of the Month

Angie DeHaven

September Athlete of the Month...Jim Burritt

Why we think Jim is awesome!

Why you aren't losing weight...

no, it's not your thyroid

Member of the Month...hint she ran the Disney Trifecta

Congratulations Ashley Walden!!!

May Member of the Month

Why we think Jill McNabnay is awesome...

Supplements... I need those!

For optimal performance

Breeding Success

Supplements...who needs those?

From a girl's perspective

The Open is here..

CrossFit Games Open

February Member of the Month

Misty Dahlke

December Member of the Month

The one and only Tom Eversole!

November Member of the Month

the one and only...Julie Nitz!

Momentum and Consistency

How to gain momentum and live with consistency.

Meet Debra Tiernan

Mental Toughness

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” - Sun Tzu The Art of War

Get your $#!t together...

Choosing must

Crossing the Rubicon

On the go - a travel tale

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